Lead A Group

We will be glad to assist you personally in developing and designing the most suitable program for your group and budget, presenting new ideas and sites to visit. Regardless of your destination, number of passengers, budget and interests. Whether it be it be a Holy Land Pilgrimage, an Historical Biblical Journey, Spiritual Experience, Vacation or combination.

We can provide you with superior tour services for the utmost comfort, safety and satisfaction of your group members. Our experienced staff in the local offices in each country will work with you from the initial planning stage, taking care of all the many details involved in group travel arrangements, as well as when you are touring in the country, to make your tour a great success! 

Check out some of the sample programs below. The tours can be customized by our professional staff according to your specific requests and countries of interest. Our flexibility allows you to add programs and sites of interest to your tour such as additional days, extensions to the Dead Sea, Red Sea and neighboring countries, Catholic sites and services, Jewish sites and experiences, Youth, Women, Family and adventure programs as well as programs during Feasts and Festivals and involving local culture and communities, biblical parks and meals, local entertainment, volunteering and hands on experiences.